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    The sprayer machine is the spraying equipment of spraycoat system of running track.The machine is assembled the advanced technology of screw rod rotor material and compact arrangement.Enhance its spray coating adaptaion degree,its highly effecive.low consumption,high quality and easy operation and so many good characteristics isapproved by domestic and foreign customers.

Main technical data
Volume for materail: 120L
Drivng Device: Air Compressor/Hydraulic Pump/Engine
Honda Engine: 6.6kw/8.9HP
Amount of Spray Output: 2.5L/h
Machine Weight: 360kg
Appearance measurement: 1590×1000×1060mm
Contacts:Mr.Cheng +86-13915729958
Add:NO,15 KaiYuan Road,Changjin town,Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
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