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F-1.2/D Sand filling machine
CS-150 Sand infill machine
SSJ-1.5 Brushing machine
SSJ-1.5Q Brushing machine
Y-5000 Turf carrier
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Main technical data
Working width:  1-5m
Lifting Height: 1200mm
Lifting Power: 2000Kg
Machine weight: 105kg
Appearance measurement:  L1400×W950×H1000mm
          The machine is specialized cart in transport and installation for artificial turI。the turf allows the laying of artificial turf reels up 5m width。The operation of machineconsists of 2 carts to work together (direction charged。transport。up and down): Each cart is Provided with two steerable double tyres being turned synchronously viadrawbar and tie bar;A squar crossbeam connects both carts to a transport unit 4 pairs of wheels all together to take the total weight。that's why only a minimum of surfacepressure will be guaranteed。ensuring even an effortless transport on non-compacted basic surfaces;Both carts are equipped with a hydraulically actuated liftig deviceconsisting of a hand pump and hydraulic cylinder to put in the axle lor an easy lifting and lowering of the artificial turf reel。

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