Turf installation Equipment
F-1400 Sand filling machine
F-1.2/D Sand filling machine
CS-150 Sand infill machine
SSJ-1.5 Brushing machine
SSJ-1.5Q Brushing machine
Y-5000 Turf carrier
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     The CS-150 Sand Infill Machine is suited for artificial grass infill。The machine's operation is simple。nimble move。the sand infill is even。is the ideal equipment for infill。deeply welcome and approval by general customer。

Main technical data
Infill Width:  700mm
Moving speed:  Average speed by manpower
Loading capability:  150kg
Machine weight: 75kg
Appearance measurement:  900×1300×750mm

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Add:NO,15 KaiYuan Road,Changjin town,Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
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