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F-1400 Sand filling machine
F-1.2/D Sand filling machine
CS-150 Sand infill machine
SSJ-1.5 Brushing machine
SSJ-1.5Q Brushing machine
Y-5000 Turf carrier
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          The machine is powered by usa kohler gasoline engine with 25HP,All the functions of the equipment are combined with mechanical and hydraulic control,The walking of equipment is mechanical transmission, sand filling, combing, brush lifting, equipment steering are all hydraulic control. The speed of the equipment is moving at a constant speed. The construction time is 1-16 meters per minute and the working width is 1.4 meters,The speed of the empty car is 1 to 95 meters per minute. The sand gate can be adjusted in advance to control the spread of quartz sand and rubber granules, The spreading speed is transmitted by sand filled roller under constant speed. The hanging brush head device can adjust the depth in advance,In the same process, the vibrating brush head will comb the filling material evenly to the roots of the grass and to make full play of the role of quartz sand fixed grass.

Main technical data
Drive system:Hydraulic Pump/Valve/Motor by Hydraulic trasmission system
Driving device:Kohler engine from USA
Power: 23HP
Sand Filling width:  1400mm
Moving Speed: 1-16/1-95 m/min
Sand Loading Capacity: 1500Kg
Machine weight: 1650kg
Appearance measurement:  3060×1800×1370mm
Contacts:Mr.Cheng +86-13915729958
Add:NO,15 KaiYuan Road,Changjin town,Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
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