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1 Gasoline generator power source
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        TPJ-ENG2.5 paver machine is the paving equipment of synthetic running track with high technical contained manufactured by our company.The machine is assembled the advanced technology of Simens frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and the hydraulic gear,enhance the automaticity of paving. Its performance satisfied the Sport fields construction requirement and achieve the quality and technical specification, its highly effective,low consumption,high quality and easy operation and so many good characteristics is approved by domestic and foreign customers.

Main technical data
Paving Width:  2500mm
Moving Speed:  0.8-6m/min
Paving Capability:  500m2/h
Power:  8kw
Adjusted data of hydraulic pressure system:8Mpa
Adjusted temperature for electric board:  90℃
Machine Weight:  1200kg
Appearance measurement:  3000×1800×720mm
Contacts:Mr.Cheng +86-13915729958
Add:NO,15 KaiYuan Road,Changjin town,Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
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