Track installation Equipment
TPJ-2.5 Paver machine
TPJ-H 2.5 Paver machine
TPJ-Eng 2.5 Paver machine
TPJ-1.2 Paver machine
ES-120 Sprayer machine
TPJ-120 Sprayer machine
TPJ-80 Sprayer machine
G300 Grinding Machine
M100 Mixing machine
M100Q Mixing machine
M200/M200Q Mixing machine
H-240 Line Marking Machine
H-340 Line Marking Machine
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Main technical data
Working capability:  100m2/h
Working width:  300mm
Power:  11。76kw/16HP
Machine Weight:  98kg
Appearance measurement: 860x550x510mm

        This product is sutiable for grinding the surface of elastic rubber for synthetic sports court. It using engine and power trains,sturdy construction.easy to operate andonly Press the button of handle to adjust the depth of grinding area.also improves the work efficiency and speed.

Contacts:Mr.Cheng +86-13915729958
Add:NO,15 KaiYuan Road,Changjin town,Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
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