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Main technical data
Maximum transfer rate: 25 L/min
Speed of Making Line: 0.5-3 Km/h
Gasoline Engine Power:3.05Kw/4.15Hp
Maximum Work Pressure:18Mpa
Machine Weight: 102 Kg
Appearance measurement:  24009501000mm

    H-240 Line Marking Machine have compact structure and foldable galvanized anti-corrosion rack,new swing front wheel,any adjustment line width of the scraperplate.three wide-face inflatable wheels effectively reduce the machine vibration.can keep the machine stable and smooth in the process of line mark;Strong Honda engine,new diaphragm pump,UAS Graco brand original,can be self-cleaning spray nozzle,accurate mechanical pressure control can provide accurate spray paint in any case;Inorder to ensure the smooth and no burrs of spray paint.two of their own indepen dent damping scraper plate,can be close to the ground to Scrape off the excess paint.Thescraper plate can be adjusted in accordance with the width of the line to achieve your more satisfactory spraying effect.

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